I see New York through two sets of eyes. Theres the native in me, who grew up playing on giant, sandy beaches that would one day become the base of the World Financial Center and Battery Park City. But theres also the pioneer the child of an immigrant couple who had the foresight to invest in lower Manhattan when it was still a desert of abandoned cast iron loft buildings and factories. Im fluent in the different dialects of the landlords, superintendents, architects, contractors and decorators that make real estate in this city work the way it does. Yet, I also have a need to search beyond the here and now, to discover the pockets of untapped potential in this city. Thats what I love about New York; its never static. Its a living organism, always striving to become the next great version of itself. And this is true on every level: neighborhoods, streets, and buildings alike. While attending graduate school at NYU and starting a family, I spent several years behind the scenes, managing commercial and residential properties in downtown Manhattan. But I soon discovered that my passion was helping New Yorkers successfully sell their property, buy their dream home, or both. Over the past twelve years, Ive set numerous sales records in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and have earned multiple awards as one of the top townhouse agents in NYC. Lets see what we can discover together!