Michael DeRosa has sold hundreds of properties throughout Manhattan since entering the real estate business in the 1990's. Through the years, he has succeeded during the various economic ups and downs of the marketplace, beginning with the down market of the early 90's, through the exuberance of the dot-com era, the post 9/11 global economy, the financial crisis of 2008, and the recent pandemic. Michael helped my husband and me find our perfect NY apartment. We used Michael again to help us sell our apartment 10 years later. We made a great investment, in a great building with Michael's help and we had a very easy time selling our apartment with Mike's help. His expertise is both on the buy and the sell side. We hope to hire him as our agent again when we move back to the city - Sally A. 100 West 89th St Mike has sold or helped me buy five different apartments in the past four years and has always been very professional and knowledgeable. He thoroughly understands the market and always does his homework. What I especially appreciate about Mike is that he is very patient and never gives up trying to find the best apartment. I would highly recommend him to any potential buyer or seller of property in New York City. - John S. 201 West 70th St "Mike took me and my husband through a long search. He got down our style and never wasted our time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Michael is very direct, a straight shooter; he'll tell you like it is. He is also very comfortable to hang out with. He's relaxed and easygoing. He never pushes you to make a choice. He'll stand back and give you room., but also provides you with plenty of info and his honest opinion of a given property. He has a lot of experience and knowledge so you always feel that you can trust him. He is very patient, and also very reliable. When you put in a call to him, he always gets back