With more than two decades of proven accomplishments in the field of communications, Keith Marder was perfectly suited to transition into the fast-paced world of residential real estate. As a matter of fact, he has been hand-selected by the firms management to utilize his expertise to train other agents. Keith, who always lives up to his motto above and beyond, understands that among a persons most important abilities are credibility, reliability, capability, and availability. He knows that listening is paramount in order to understand the complex and unique needs of each individual client and help them find the perfect property or achieve their goals in the sale of their most valuable asset, their home. A member of his Co-op Board, Keith has firsthand knowledge of the dos and donts of interviews and board packages. His emphasis on ethics, professionalism, and communication help him navigate all of the moving parts of a real estate transaction and Keiths clients recognize this as an invaluable asset as they buy or sell their homes. Before embarking on his successful real estate career, Keith worked with some of the most successful people in the entertainment and sports industries at prestigious companies including Warner Bros., CBS, and Hearst where he flourished in high-pressure environments. He quickly earned a reputation for his fast thinking, honesty, and integrity. Testimonials: The transition from renting to buying seemed an overwhelming task at first. But from our first meeting with Keith, we knew with him on our team, wed be able to find the perfect first home. He makes the experience truly about you and your criteria not the market and its trends. His work ethic is remarkable, and not just with regards to new listing emails and open house schedules. His thoughtful and active involvement in the multiple offers we made was above my expectations. He helped educate us on the process and ultimately enabled us to make the best choices in purchasing a