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A graduate of the George Washington University (doctorate and master's degree), the University of Rochester (bachelors degree), and presently attending Columbia Universitys Masters of Real Estate Development program, Dr. Jeffrey R. Gardere is also the author of three books, including one co-written with Montel Williams entitled Practical Parenting. He is an expert on family issues and has consulted widely on helping children cope with war, terrorism and the escalation of violence. While handholding can be part of a good broker's repertoire, Dr. Gardere incorporates the sensibilities of two decades of professional practice. His approach reflects his clinical training as well as the confidence that without setting the right foundation, the sale will not come to fruition. He often devotes the first meeting to listening, letting the nerves and negativity come out, and using my knowledge and skills to help develop a positive scenario for my client--something that will eventually become the