Jamie Foreman began his career in residential real estate in 1983 in Manhattan and later, in 2000, expanded his business to include Los Angeles. Over the years his clients have included partners from major law firms, Wall Street firms and numerous members of the entertainment industry on both coasts. He has appeared frequently as a guest on radio and internet shows and is featured in the books, Wendy and the Lost Boys: The Uncommon Life Of Wendy Wasserstein by Julie Salamon and The Tao Gals Guide to Real Estate. by Michelle Huneven and Bernadette Murphy. For Sellers: My job is to determine, with you, how to obtain the maximum sales price for your property and then determine which potential buyer is most likely to close the deal. We must determine the relative position of your property in the current market and devise a marketing plan that will help us attain the highest price. As sales prices have multiplied significantly during the time Ive been in the business, transactions have consequently become increasingly complicated on both coasts. My job is to make this process as easy and uncomplicated for you as possible, whether its compiling the perfect board package for the sale of your co-op or condo or navigating the often rocky waters of the extensive buyer inspections of individual homes, as well as making sure all parties involved (attorneys, management companies, escrow companies, buyers agents) are performing as needed. For Buyers: My first job is to listen; to listen to what it is you need and then perform as a trusted advisor to help you find it and close on it. This is a journey we embark on together, sometimes a short one but often an extended one, depending on both the current market and your individual needs. Often this is a repeated journey, as your housing needs change over time. Throughout my years in the business Ive always preferred to be well acquainted with a wide physical area, both in New York and Los Angeles, as opposed to focusing on only