Deena Spindler has been a Riverdale resident for more than 40 years and a co-op owner for more than 35. She has served on the Board of Directors of her 194-unit co-op for close to 25 years, and on the Association of Riverdale Co-ops and Condos (ARC) Board of Directors (representing over 90 member coops and condos) for close to 15 years, currently in the capacity of Treasurer. Deena enjoyed a long career holding service-oriented positions in the non-profit sector. She worked tirelessly for many years helping to establish educational and recreational programs for children with special needs in JCCs, YMCAs, and synagogues in the Riverdale area and surrounding communities. In her spare time, Deena sits on several volunteer boards and committees of non-profit organizations and continues to serve the community in various capacities, including as a member of the Community Security Services. She holds advanced degrees in psychology, child development, special needs education, Jewish studies, and educational administration. Through the years, Deena has introduced many friends and acquaintances to the Riverdale community and helped them to settle here. She raised her family in Riverdale, and her three children attended area schools. Deenas strong dedication and commitment to the community, extensive knowledge and understanding of the local market, and deep passion for helping people and responding to their needs make her uniquely suited to a career in real estate. She truly listens to her clients and is committed to providing them with the best professional services possible, as well has helping them to experience all Riverdale has to offer.