Carl Adams has had a long and esteemed career in the international luxury goods sector, with extensive experience in the residential property, architectural and interior design, fine arts, and high jewelry categories. After many years of living between New York and France, where Carl led a property investment group for high-end residential properties in the South of France, he returned full time to New York to accept a role at Christies. As Senior Vice President and Head of the Christies Client Advisory Group, Carl led his team through the process of establishing a new service model for the auction houses most important customers globally. He also pioneered a design program to engage the leading architects, interior designers and decorators as well as their clients in auction purchase. Carl went on to assume a senior role at Cartier North America, working with the companys President to redefine and revitalize the Cartier high jewelry image with high net worth clients. Carls extensive experience with high-net-worth clients, combined with his expertise in fine arts and design, provide him with a great advantage in knowing where to find the right properties for his clients and how to see the potential in any prospective real estate acquisition or sale. Carl graduated from Tufts University and The School of International Affairs, Columbia University. He is a member of the Alzheimer Advisory Board, Boston University Medical School.