Candice Milano

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The New Millennial Power Broker, According to Forbes Named One of NYCs Real Estate Experts by 6sqft Candice Milanos approach to real estate is far different from most brokers. Passionate and innovative, she has established a value-driven business formula that thrives on "out-of-the-box" strategiesultimately producing superior results. Having specialized in the sales and marketing of new developments throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, her deep understanding of different markets and developments is what sets her apart from the rest. In addition to her new development business, she also represents a thriving luxury resale business. This puts her in a unique pocket of agents that have the capacity to service both developers as well as homeowners and buyers. Currently, she is marketing a total of $250M USD of real estate. Candices long list of loyal clientele can be attributed to her commitment to service. "I want to make sure that our clients always walk away with value," she says. Candice graduated college with degrees in Business Management and Spanish, but soon discovered the entrepreneurial spirit within. As she became interested in real estate investing as a tool to grow her wealth, she realized that real estate is a "people" business and no two days are alike. "It was an instant fit for me and the lifestyle I naturally lead." In addition to her brokerage business, Candice and her partner, Malessa Rambarran, founded a platform called TOWRE, The Organization by Women in Real Estate, which is a first-of-its-kind network that seeks to educate and empower its members on how to utilize real estate as a wealth-building tool. The organization is on a mission to create valuable partnerships and connections through a series of exclusive networking events as well as educational programming. Within the last year, Candice has been named one of The New Millennial Power Brokers by Forbes as well as One of NYCs Real Estate Experts by 6sqft . She has been