Brenda Di Bari, a real estate broker and life coach, is revolutionizing the real estate industry by providing a differentiated service to meet your real estate needs through a new, more complete approach. This approach emerged from her vision of helping people with the multidimensional elements of their lives, specifically how real estate integrates with who they are and how they want to represent themselves. Your home search is so much more than a real estate transaction. No one understands this better than Brenda. With her 18 years of real estate success and experience as a life coach, she provides a thorough solution to your housing needs. How does this happen? Brenda has developed a unique skill set through her real estate, life coaching, health and wellness, and fashion and styling experience. Her talents in these areas allow Brenda to approach a real estate transaction as part of her comprehensive lifestyle consulting brand and vision. Once the client has expanded how they think about their transaction as more of a transformation, the magic happens. The evolution from where to live as part of a single-event real estate decision becomes a broader and deeper lifestyle choice. As a listing agent, Brenda has proven to make a tremendous difference in her clients experience with expert handling of the selling process. Having recently spent four years living in Italy, Brenda has supported a set of global clients looking at NYC as part of their current or future real estate plans. As a resident of Hudson Yards, lifelong New Yorker, and mother of six, Brendas passionate approach to life goes beyond the basics and indeed approaches the heart and soul of the client to help them become empowered to live their best possible experience. With her background in entrepreneurialism, Brenda is driven to help clients win in real estate and other life endeavors. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle, empathy, and respect for others and unwavering commitment to success have