Repeatedly recognized as a top producer, Bo Poulsen's impressive business acumen and unparalleled market knowledge has helped him build an admirable track record in NYC real estate for over 20 years. His determined, client-centric attitude combined with the enviable ability to anticipate the needs of his clients has led to many record achievements and repeat business. Bo's passion for eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings, combined with architecture and design, has made him a thought-leader in the industry. In fact, Bo's own home sets the standard for Passive House Design as the first freestanding retrofit in the city that will meet Passive House and Net Zero standards. Bo's constant media coverage is attributed to his success in selling the renowned Millay House. Since starting a real estate company in Moscow, Russia in the 90s, Bo knew that real estate was truly meant for him. Having lived all over the world, he has developed a uniquely global perspective and broad range of business experience. Aside from his residential expertise, Bo has worked extensively in new development. He manages several new developments for foreign governments and investors, from ground up design and construction, to meandering the ins and outs of city hall from Landmarks to the Department of Buildings. He is fluent in German and Danish, attended American University in Washington DC and Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, traveling and consulting on real estate deals throughout the world.