Licensed for over 14 years, Adinah Kranzler is a seasoned veteran specializing in real estate in Riverdale, the community she has lived and worked in for the past 30 years. Adinah leaves no stone unturned in her quest to find the right home for her clients, as well as marketing and finding buyers for those homes entrusted to her to sell. Her interest in real estate was inspired by discovering the joy of renovating her two older homes and designing her arts pre-school in Riverdale and a warehouse space for her indoor childrens playspace and arts center in New Jersey. Adinah is known for her integrity, confidentiality, successful negotiating expertise, and familiarity with the Riverdale real estate market, particularly the Fieldstone community where she resides. Her style is patient and persistent. She is an intuitive, perceptive, sensitive listener with a great ear for tuning into her clients needs and concerns. Adinahs clients appreciate her strong work ethic, relaxed and patient demeanor, kindness, dedication, and passion to helping them achieve their housing goals. She is also a visual thinker with a good eye who helps clients visualize how their home can work for them. Adinahs background in arts education informs her creative style as a real estate professional. She worked previously as a musicologist and music teacher, and has produced four CDs of childrens songs. She was a music specialist with over 20 years of experience establishing and managing educational arts centers for young children and their families. Adinah was the founder and creator of Arts Camp in Riverdale, a not-for-profit summer program dedicated to bringing the arts to all children in the Bronx. As a business entrepreneur, Adinah has demonstrated skills in developing marketing strategies, media coverage, and public relations. She is also a classically trained singer, having sung with the New York Choral Society, and she now performs with Master Voices.