I was born and raised in the western mountains of Maine, where the views are as breathtaking as they are here in Western North Carolina. After leaving Maine in 2009, I began a life of travel, which brought me to live and work in Hawaii, Australia, Wyoming, Colorado, then here to Asheville, North Carolina. I consider myself open to change, and I have a strong desire to achieve an equilibrium between the world around me while creating a sustainable work/life balance. This has pushed me to reach for my dreams, which brought me to where I am today. After being in the restaurant industry for 20 years, I am always motivated to serve others through a giving heart. I will always take the time to stop and enjoy what is around me, usually with a glass of wine in hand.Every day as a professional real estate agent, I am motivated to make your dreams come true by helping you achieve larger and more amazing life-changing experiences.If you're ready to buy a home, I work skillfully to match you with property owners. Likewise, I'll work closely with you to locate properties that suit your individual needs, wants, and budget. Hopefully, I won't have to explain my sincere dedication. You'll find it apparent in my driven professionalism, attention to detail, and the comprehensive due diligence toward your needs.Whether your goal is to buy or sell a home, I offer peace of mind to ensure your transactions are kept on track to close in a timely manner.