After 17 years as a professional real estate agent and career sales exceeding 200 million dollars, my experience and expertise are stronger than ever. I welcome the opportunity to put my extensive personal and professional real estate experience to work for my clients. I have personally built several homes in the area, including one in Biltmore Forest and one in The Ramble, two neighborhoods where I have enjoyed consistent success. Having a history of working with architects, builders, contractors and local artisans has helped me develop a thorough working knowledge of finishes, flow and floor plans that is invaluable to my clients when they are searching for their next home. I also have an understanding and appreciation for the challenges and benefits of building a home.All of this has been of the utmost importance to my success when listing and selling homes for my clients. Just as each client is different, each home, too, is different and a full range of experience helps me to see the special features of each home I list and best highlight those for the most effective marketing. I take advantage of new technologies and services for my clients including diversified website listing locations, virtual tours, luxury photography, design consultation and global marketing. I have a dedicated marketing professional as well as a staging professional and, as a team, we offer an unparalleled level of service when listing your property.