There are a handful of hobbies that keep me busy when I'm not working real estate. Those include woodworking/carpentry, playing live music around Asheville, watching Tar Heel basketball and Panthers football, and of course, catching up with my friends and family. I love being in the zone while making furniture in my shop and helping friends upgrade their house over weekends. Seeing the progress of these projects while working side by side with my friends is very rewarding. I also really enjoy getting together with my musician friends and creating music that locals can dance and socialize to--Playing and listening to music has always been a great release for me! Watching team sports is something I like to do because I respect the drive, athleticism, cohesiveness and common goal that the teammates share. Lastly, I love to hang out and laugh with my friends and family, and spending time with them in the great outdoors makes the experience that much more enjoyable!Helping you find property that fits your lifestyle is what keeps me loving the real estate business. I entered the real estate world shortly after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill in 2007. For almost a decade, I worked as a hotel real estate and mortgage broker. Being a hotel broker gave me the unique experience of simultaneously working with buyers and sellers as the sole broker. I would facilitate all interactions between clients, attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and franchisors. I got everyone on the same page so the deal was processed and closed efficiently. After practicing hotel brokerage regionally, I wanted to do more business within the Asheville area, my home of 8 years. Joining Beverly-Hanks was the best avenue to build and sustain relationships in the local community.