Many people only call a Realtor® when they have made a decision to move, and are then often overwhelmed by information and advice, lengthy to-do lists and sticker shock. I am delighted to be a resource throughout your homeownership journey! I have contacts and tools, knowledge and experience to help you make an informed decision whether you are moving, investing, renovating, refinancing or just maintaining your largest asset. Every year teaches me again that it is a great idea for homeowners to keep up with home values, changing trends and tastes for home improvement projects, new real estate business models etc. Call me for a personal real estate review to see how your home and neighborhood stacks up in market appeal. Don't wait until life throws you a curve ball, or a wonderful opportunity, or even comes plodding along with a very predictable event. Let me help you keep your largest investment in optimal shape.Whatever your real estate need - buying, selling, relocating, investing, home improvements or just gathering information - I can help. I have combined my love of people, many years of customer service experience, professional knowledge and education to provide excellent, conscientious service to my clients. I pride myself on my holistic approach and my track record. Don't make a move without me!