Robin King

Allen Tate

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I’m a Carolina girl, born and raised in the South. I attended USC where I was a cheerleader and majored in Broadcast Journalism. I hosted radio and television shows in Orangeburg, S.C., Columbia, S.C, Pittsburgh, Pa, Hartford, Ct. and Charlotte, N.C. for 27 years. I changed my life's plan in 2004 and headed back to school to learn to do what I love...Real Estate. My professional communication skills are now used to interview my clients and learn what they truly want, then guide them through the process of obtaining it. I still have the passion and enthusiasm from my cheerleading days, but now I cheer for my clients. When they’re up, I’m up, when they’re down, I lift them up, when they’re tired, I carry them across thefinish line to the closing table. I love houses! I bought my first piece of land and built my first house at the age of 21. I love Historic homes, too, and specialize in them as well as resales. I adore the land. I learned the value of the dir