Robby Brady

Allen Tate

Mobile: 864 270-5955


If you are looking for a realtor to help buy or sell a home, there is no better choice than Robby Brady. He has the best tools and technologies available to expose any property to interested buyers. And you can depend on his broad local knowledge as a lifelong Upstate resident to find the perfect home that meets your needs and budget. Most importantly, Robby is a realtor you can trust to work for you and listen to your needs while guiding you through the home buying and selling process.LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME? Through our industry participation you can search for homes available throughout the Upstate. •The Tate Map is a great way to view homes for sale according to your preferred location. •Want to search with more detailed criteria? Our Quick Search link is available. •Any questions? Call Robby at (864) 270-5955 or send an email to with your specifics and he'll do the work for you!LOOKING TO SELL YOUR HOME? Robby can provide information rega