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Ciudad de Mexico, also known as Mexico City, is the capital and the largest city in Mexico, and is also the most populous city in North America, with over nine million people living within its borders.  

Spanning nearly 575 square miles, Ciudad de Mexico is also the oldest capital city in the Americas, founded by indigenous people, the Tenochtitlan, in 1325. Originally built on Lake Texcoco, it expanded as the population grew, becoming a major part of the Spanish Colonial Empire in the 1500s and 1600s.  

Today, Ciudad de Mexico is home to a wide range of amenities and exceptional areas, though it is most noted for its beautiful parks and recreation.  

The most iconic park is Chapultepec, which dates back to the Aztec emperors who used the park area as a retreat. 

Other important parks in the area include Parque Mexico and Parque España, located in the Condesa area, along with Colonia del Valle and Parque Lincoln, located in Polanco. Each of these parks offers a unique natural habitat, beautiful green spaces, squares and formal sitting areas where people can gather. 

The city is also home to three zoos: the Chapultepec Zoo, Los Coyotes Zoo and the San Juan de Aragon Zoo, with the oldest dating to 1924. There are thousands of animals across many species in near-natural habitats, many of which have been updated to focus on education and preservation.  

For those who wish to shop, Ciudad de Mexico is home to numerous retailer markets, including fixed indoor markets as well as outdoor, open-air markets. Central de Abasto is the main market for fresh produce, while La Nueva Viga is the area’s fish market. Tepito is a market that spans 25 blocks and offers a variety of products and food. 

Numerous attractions dot the landscape of Ciudad de Mexico, creating opportunities for people to see and explore the culture here. Perhaps the most notable is the Historic Center of Mexico City, with its numerous architecturally beautiful buildings, squares, markets and shops.  

The Xochimilco is home to the floating gardens, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Plaza de la Constitución is the city’s main square and home to the Templo Mayor, which dates to the ancient Aztecs, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. 

From ancient art to that of modern times, Ciudad de Mexico is home to a number of stunning displays, including the reception hall at the Museo Nacional de Arte and the Art Nouveau Palacio de Bellas Artes.  

To take in the area’s history, a visit to one of the area’s museums is beneficial, including Museo Soumaya, a sculpture museum, and the National Museum of Anthropology. 

Ciudad de Mexico is also home to the Mexico City Philharmonic and the National Symphony Orchestra. The Cineteca Nacional is an area that hosts numerous film events throughout the year. 

Ciudad de Mexico has numerous areas with luxury homes, including haciendas in the San Ignacio de Urbieta area, which dates back to the 1700s and offers large, spacious homes on larger lots. Those interested in purchasing a home that is more modern may wish to consider one of the downtown buildings, including those that offer incredible views of the city in a condominium. 

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