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Brussels, located in Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium, is a city of more than 175,000 people and has many areas and opportunities. 

Residents of Brussels can enjoy being close to everything they want to experience while still having the opportunity to get outside the city and explore the natural beauty of the region. Every year, millions of visitors come to Brussels, along with many buyers for the luxury homes located in many neighborhoods.  

The largest municipality as well as the historical center of the Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels serves as the administrative center for the European Union and is often referred to as the EU's capital city.  

The peaceful atmosphere just outside the city provides residents and travelers with natural beauty and experiences, while heading back into the city gives way to nightlife, shopping, dining and historical exploration.  

Food and museums are two of the main things Brussels is famous for, with many high-end and more casual restaurants available throughout the city. Most of the museums are in and around the center of the city, and the first Sunday of every month is a day for free admission to many of those museums.  

Some of the most popular museums throughout Brussels include the Art & History Museum, Halle Gate, Magritte Museum and the Musical Instrument Museum.  

After a day spent exploring the culture of the museums in the city, a fine meal, shopping or walking through the city to marvel at the architecture can round out the day.  

Brussels sprouts got their name from the city of Brussels, and it is a city known for food. Chocolate, French fries, beer and waffles are common in the area, as well as throughout most of Belgium.  

Divided into quarters, the city has neighborhoods and areas where specific activities and opportunities are more common. From Brussels Park to Academy Palace, every quarter offers a unique experience for culture, history and experiences.  

Residents of Brussels can enjoy walking to many of the attractions in the quarter where they live or taking public transportation to other quarters to see additional attractions. Some of the quarters are much more upscale than others, where residents and visitors can find antique markets, high-end shopping and fine dining experiences.  

Antique and art dealers are generally found in the Zavel Quarter, while second-hand shops are more common in Marollen Quarter. Even in quarters that are traditionally less expensive, higher-end businesses are moving in and expanding the value and experiences Brussels provides to its residents and visitors.  

Residents of Brussels can enjoy what the city offers all throughout the year, whether they want to move there permanently or choose a second home they can visit on their holiday adventures. With so many cultural experiences and amenities available in the area, Brussels provides a valuable location for exploration and learning.  

From luxury homes in one of the higher-end quarters, to townhouses and apartments that make living in the city easy and convenient, Brussels has all the options a person could want in housing, dining, shopping and other experiences.  

Quarters such as Zavel, Royal and Stalingrad offer options for luxury homes where comfort and modern styling meet old-world elegance and charm.  

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