The Grubb Company

The Grubb Company

1960 Mountain Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94611-2813 USA

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Donald J. Grubb Sr. founded The Grubb Company in 1967. Many things have changed since then. But some - those important things that define us as a company - have endured.

Our community has certainly changed. It has grown, evolved and seen its share of real estate ups and downs. The business of transacting real estate is different, too. More complexity, more agents and fewer independent real estate companies deeply connected to our community characterize today’s market.

What hasn’t changed is more fundamental. Buyers and sellers in our community want expert real estate advice, skilled representation and support from a trusted local brand.

We still deliver that.

Our foundation of discipline, accountability, and teamwork is as strong as ever. Our market leadership and unmatched local knowledge are being put to work for a new generation of families in Piedmont, Berkeley, Oakland and Kensington.