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Carratelli Real Estate

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Managing the sale or purchase of an exclusive, prestigious and unique property requires a lot of attention, a thorough study of all the characteristics of the property to understand how and where to promote it to get good results. It also means a perfect awareness of the housing needs of buyers to make a targeted search for the house of their dreams. For these reasons, Luxury Homes was founded by Gabriele Carratelli and became in more than 10 years his famous trademark with a website dedicated to real estate properties that differs from others in its elegance, prestige and uniqueness.

The passion for Italian charming residences is the real great interest of Gabriele who from a very young age became an expert, not considering it only “work”, but treating each small or large “object” as if it were special. He also believes that it is important for research of the right property to be pleasant and relaxing, because he knows that many times the purchase process means devoting a lot of time to it, making many visits and to make a substantial effort. In this process, the experience and above all the perfect knowledge of the properties and the numerous locations that Italy offers makes us able to perform very targeted searches even when we may not immediately have the right real estate solution at hand. Promoting your residence and searching for the finest, most luxurious housing solution or investment is our mission.

Our highly skilled professionals are connoisseurs of the locations that suit you the most and can understand your needs and follow you along this path. They will constantly keep you updated regarding the results but most importantly, you will not waste time because they will work with the sole purpose of facilitating a sale or purchase. For each request, a precise and detailed action plan will be carefully composed to meet your most demanding needs.

We have an office in Rome and in 2 offices in Tuscany (Pienza, Argentario) to manage for sale properties and to best serve our dear customers. Soon we will be in Florence as well. For us, the Luxury Homes operators, there is only one goal: to help you fulfill that “dream” that has long been desired.