WATCH: News anchor turned real estate agent on new episode of Friday Faces


Tour a beautifully finished home in exclusive Winnetka, Illinois while getting to know Megan Mawicke, a real estate agent at @properties.

The second installment of the newly launched series Friday Faces introduces audiences to Luxury Portfolio International’s broad network of stellar luxury agents through rapid-fire questioning on the set of stunning listings.

“There is nothing cookie cutter on the North Shore. We do not do cookie cutter. We do unique homes, historical homes like [the below], renovated for today’s living,” Ms. Mawicke said of her market.

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Megan Mawicke, an agent with @properties, talks real estate in the Chicago area’s North Shore.

In the family

Prior to real estate, Ms. Mawicke was a TV sports anchor for 20 years in Chicago. Eventually, however, she swapped the boom mic for high-end homes.

Some would argue real estate was in her DNA.

“A lot of people say I was born with a real estate license. My mother, Barbara, was an icon in North Shore real estate for four decades, so she is my inspiration,” she said.

In fact, the most prized possession within Ms. Mawicke’s home is a gift from her mother.

“In my house, it has to be a wood chest carved with inspirational sayings that my mom gave to me for my 30th birthday, and now she’s passed away, so I read them and it’s super sentimental to me,” she said of her favorite décor item.

No place like home

Likewise, people remain the crux of real estate’s appeal for Ms. Mawicke.

In identifying her favorite aspects of the industry, she most loves “meeting fascinating people everyday. No two days are alike.”

Her background as a reporter can be seen in her work – she described a love of storytelling.

“I am a former journalist. I love to tell stories and every home has a great story,” she said.

For those wanting to break into the industry, she provided some key identifiers of success.

“Persistence, dedication, knowing your stuff, knowing your market and remember not to burn any bridges,” she said.

Seasons of life

Looking at Ms. Mawicke’s personal home preferences, outdoor space is essential.

Pressed on her favorite room, her favorite feature is not a room at all.

Not a room – space. I love outdoor spaces, pergola, decks, patios, terraces, you name it. I love a romantic backyard,” she said. “I always say I personally bought a yard with a house.”

Chicago weather, however, poses some challenges. When asked if she preferred a warm climate over four seasons, she opted for an alternative answer.

“Three seasons. Forget Chicago winters,” Ms. Mawicke said.

In terms of design preferences, she likes homes that are timeless rather than trendy. Ultimately, however, she enjoys anything that is well done.

We are in a traditional home with modern décor, but I love traditional, transitional, minimalist, eclectic, you name it, as long as a design style is done right. I truly appreciate all of it,” she said.