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WATCH: Top real estate agent identifies No. 1 amenity when living in Chicagoland


With an active lifestyle to match his active real estate persona, Bryan Bomba, a real estate agent at @properites, has 23 years of experience under his belt.

In this episode of Luxury Portfolio International’s Friday Faces, Mr. Bomba describes what he loves most about real estate, his top choices for the home and who he is outside of work.

“I am a house geek and this is the only way I figured out how to be employed while talking about houses all day long,” he said.

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Bryan Bomba, luxury real estate agent with @properties tours a Hindsdale, Illinois home
Community matters

Far from cookie cutter, Mr. Bomba most enjoys the variety of structures that his base in Hindsdale, Illinois has to offer its buyers.

“My market has a very, very strong sense of community and all the houses are different,” Mr. Bomba said. “They are all custom. It is beautiful.”

For those looking to sell in his market or otherwise, he recommends identifying a specialty, which allows one to stand apart from the competition as well as become an expert in one facet of real estate.

“Choose a specialty and know everything about that specialty inside and out,” Mr. Bomba said.

City lights

There are few places that Mr. Bomba would rather be than the city. When asked if he prefers the beach or the mountains, he rejected both in favor of the bustling urban landscape.

It is important, however, to remember that Chicagoland gets quite chilly in the winter. Fortunately, most of Mr. Bomba’s floors are heated. According to him, this luxury should also be extended outside.

“The best amenity at home ever is a heated driveway,” he said. “I like living in Chicago. I do not like shoveling.”

Mr. Bomba also prefers design to be as modern as his top-choice amenities. The simplicity of modern design and heated floors all translate to beautiful and comfortable living.

This is further exemplified as he describes his favorite home furnishing.

“I have a chair and a half,” Mr. Bomba said. “It is about four feet wide. I am only about two feet wide, so it is really comfortable.”

Also, according to him, you cannot forget a well-stocked pantry.

“I am incapable of cooking,” Mr. Bomba said. “However, I happen to be lucky enough to be married to someone who is expert at cooking.”

The agent’s favorite cuisine? Italian, which is also his favorite region to visit outside of Chicagoland.

“I like to travel to Western Europe,” Mr. Bomba said. “Italy is my absolute favorite.”