Jay Jasper

WATCH: Adventure-seeking real estate agent makes home buying fun in Arizona


The colorful personality of luxury real estate agent Jay Jasper of Long Realty is on full display in the latest episode of Friday Faces. 

Throughout a tour of one of Mr. Jasper’s stunning listings he cracks jokes, references the movie Spinal Tap and explains his signature bow-tie. 

“Most of the time I wear a bow-tie. I watched about nine YouTube videos to figure out how to tie a bow-tie because I refused to wear a clip-on, so it has become my signature,” he said. 

Watch on for more from Mr. Jasper. 

Jay Jasper provides a lively tour of one of his Arizona listings.

Global influence

Mr. Jasper seeks out a thrilling lifestyle in his every day, enjoying the golf courses around town, but he repeatedly cites his top picks for travel. 

Personally, he enjoys road trips, but notes that his wife is not exactly a fan; as a result, the pair often take short trips to Mexico or Europe. In his perspective he is just happy to visit anywhere to get away.  

If he were to pick a second home he would pick “Croatia,” he said. “Why? Croatia has the best potatoes on the face of the earth, which would make a great vodka to shake in a martini.” 

Heat wave

The notoriously popular Arizona market has brought about evolving requests from buyers. 

“The market is changing, especially since COVID. Originally homes were getting smaller. We saw the average size of home drop, but purchase price not, but now we see people getting back to the idea of having common spaces and entertainment spaces in their home, so the idea of home theaters and home gyms has become popular again,” Mr. Jasper said. 

Also, too, they are seeking out amenities from their community, especially important when considering lonely feelings created by the pandemic. 

“This has been a great discussion as of late. Of course, pools and community centers [remain popular], but more importantly, we started to see people seeking out pickle ball and tennis – activities that can get them to meet people.” 

It is important to do what you love and, fortunately, Mr. Jasper’s thoughts on his brokerage are very positive. 

“Long Realty has an atmosphere of collaboration and family. It is hard to find that in companies, especially larger companies. Long Realty operates like a small company and is open to new ideas and collaboration and that is why we enjoy being at Long Realty.”