Tod’s Group restoring 16th-century palace in Italy


Italian fashion label Tod’s Group is financing the rejuvenation of a major historic site in Milan.

With the company’s support, the Palazzo Marino is undergoing a 16-month restoration project that is expected to be completed by September 2025. Located in the design capital of the world, the building has served as the locale’s city hall since 1861 but was first constructed in the 1550s.

“As already said, we’re very pleased to do something important and concrete for Milan,” said Diego Della Valle, president and CEO of Tod’s Group, in a statement.

“The restoration of Palazzo Marino, which all citizens consider their home, allows us to give a strong signal of respect and gratitude towards Milan and Milanese people.”

Royal treatment

Work first began on the palace on May 4, 1558.

Many famous sculptors were involved, as they were already helping with the construction of a nearby cathedral. The work of these giant talents can still be seen today at the Palazzo Marino, though it is in need of repair.

The site is located in the Piazza della Scala, a pedestrian center square that is home to the famed Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Teatro alla Scala opera house. Many in luxury have picked out the spot as the setting for new boutique openings, seeing the exploding numbers of tourists that have taken to the Instagram-worthy shopping district (see story).

Thanks to Tod’s Group’s contribution, these visitors will get to see a refreshed facade when they come across the palace.

An external surface area of over 5,000 square meters, or about 53,820 square feet, is being restored. Inside, 2,000 square meters, or about 21,528 square feet, will likewise receive treatment.

The windows within overlook the Cortile d’Onore, or the “Courtyard of Honor.” Here, the original elements date back to the 16th century.

Next year, the teams will move to the internal courtyard, restoring this area between April and September 2025.

According to Tod’s Group, the reason it has taken on this project is to demonstrate how important it is to support “civil participation.” The company emphasizes the need for private and public sectors to work in collaboration with each other to complete projects that improve the lives of local citizens.

“Palazzo Marino is one of the treasures of our city,” said Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan, in a statement.

“Today, with the start of the restoration works, supported by the Tod’s Group, we renew a history of responsibility and collaboration between institutions and companies in the care of public goods and their enhancement,” Mr. Sala said.

“The urgency of safeguarding the ‘home of the Milanese’ has found an answer in a valuable collaboration which, through an important intervention, will give our citizens, tourists and the many visitors welcomed every year at the Palace the opportunity to discover and appreciate the civic heart of Milan, a contemporary and increasingly attractive city.”

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