Real Estate Agent Checklist

Real Estate Agent Checklist

By Linsey Stonchus

In her latest piece for Forbes, LPI President Stephanie Anton shared her predictions for the luxury real estate industry in response to COVID-19 and the upcoming election, as well as provided a number of strategies on how to remain successful despite current conditions. We explore this idea further with 10 checklist items to accomplish as you work (safely from home).

1. Knock out non-sales-related tasks during a slowdown

If business has slowed since the start of the outbreak, especially in those areas considered non-essential, productivity is still a possibility. Complete non-sales tasks, like paperwork or large side projects, during this time, so that you can focus your energies on sales-driving activities without distraction during the inevitable upswing.

Complete non-sales tasks during downtown

2. Revamp your marketing efforts

Business is not as usual of late, so it’s important to experiment new ways to stand out. This creates excellent opportunity in terms of marketing. Go over your current strategy and brainstorm how you might make it more effective. For example, host open houses using the Live feature offered on Instagram or Facebook or organize unique social media contests. There are countless ways to distinguish your brand from the rest.

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3. Conduct business virtually

Even if real estate was deemed essential in your market, it’s more ethical and safer for all parties to conduct business virtually for the time-being. With how advanced technology has become, everything from showings to meetings to contracts can occur without any physical contact. Now is the time to adapt.

4. Offer your expertise

With virtual business in mind, consider offering your expertise to clients, who can be coached on how best to stage and photograph their homes. This resource can also be shared on social media, as posts like these are popular among users and can build engagement in the form of shares and saves. Even spring cleaning or organization tips make for relevant and timely content.

5. Help others

We’ve seen incredible acts of goodwill from our members since the start of the outbreak. One recent example worth commending is that of Michael Saunders. The company raised over $20k to feed over 800 healthcare workers in their community. In the process, they also supported over 70 local restaurants. Efforts can be grand and company-wide or smaller, individual acts – it’s all important. Giving either your money or time to those who need it will help you feel purposeful and positive.

6. Invest time in your education

Educational resources are currently plentiful – much of the real estate world, including LPI and LeadingRE, are offering countless webinars, panels, courses and certifications – take advantage of them! You’ll have a better understanding of how the pandemic is affecting your industry in real-time and you’ll also walk away with new skills to use when sales next accelerate.

Real Estate Education
Luxury Portfolio offers webinars, courses, reports, and more to help agents stay informed.

7. Create a work-from-home sanctuary

Working from home for an extended period highlights its sore spots – your dining room table isn’t cutting it. It’s time to invest in a functional and comfortable workspace. Identify an unused and quiet room or space within your home and purchase office furniture you’ll look forward to utilizing eight hours a day. Working from your laptop? To make your life easier, consider installing a monitor or two, as well as keyboard and mouse. The more your at-home office space functions for your needs, the easier it’ll be motivate yourself to get things done.

Home Office
The home office has never been more important – make sure it’s comfortable enough to enjoy for 8 hours.

8. Adopt healthy habits

Better health – mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, etc. – will not only make you less susceptible to falling ill, it contributes to overall personal happiness. Develop healthier habits, like eating right, drinking water and getting exercise. For mental wellness, practice gratefulness and write down one thing you’re thankful for everyday, for example, or see a therapist, as needed. If you’re spiritual, try meditating or praying more frequently. Additionally, socialize responsibly by DMing friends and family your favorite memes or talking face-to-face via Zoom or Facetime. Not only will an improved routine help you in current times, it’ll enhance your quality of life even after this event.

9. Indulge in self-care

While healthy habits sure to improve your overall well-being, so are doing things you enjoy most. Introduce a new hobby you’ve been meaning to try, pamper yourself with a spa day or embrace the outdoors – even if it’s just from your balcony. Binge-watching a tv show, reading a book or playing board/video games are all acceptable alternatives as well – just be sure to mix it up to prevent monotony or depression.

10. Keep things tidy

You’re spending a lot of time at home, make it comfortable. Clear up any clutter, organize spaces in visually appealing ways and frequently clean surfaces – we are trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19, after all.

tidy closet
Working from home more? Keep spaces clear and clean to better relax.

For more on current market strategies and predictions, check out Stephanie Anton’s latest article in Forbes.