Luxury Lifestyles: 5 Home Office Must-Haves

By Linsey Stonchus

From goods that will improve the aesthetic appearance of your desk, to high-tech gadgets that clean your phone, reduce eye strain and help you host meetings, we’ve compiled important must-haves for your home office. 


Video conferencing is now a staple for worldwide, not only for work meetings, but also for connecting with friends and family. Whether you’re conducting major presentations or attending a virtual birthday party, Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro checks off audio and visual needs. Acting as a speaker and a microphone, the Meeting Owl ensures high-resolution audio recordings while enjoying crystal clear sound from those that users are speaking with. Additionally, the camera can be positioned to capture flattering, high-quality video. The Meeting Owl’s unique camera capabilities also make it ideal for returning to the office, as the camera can be set to panoramic mode and capture every speaker in the room without any awkward angles.


Ideal for every room from your office to your bedroom or living room, Dyson’s Lightcycle™ Task Light automatically simulates properties of natural daylight and reduces eye strain. The light is remarkably customizable and tailored to the individual user. For one, it uses the time, date and location to calculate the color temperature and brightness in order to provide the right light for the right time of day. Settings can be further individualized by identifying your age, as well as your activity, which can be optimized using the following pre-set modes: study, relax, precision, boost, wake-up, sleep and away.


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Norlii is a thoughtfully curated home décor box featuring 4-5 hand-picked and high-quality objects solely from Scandinavian brands. Norlii’s Scandinavian interior design principle incorporates three main components — natural materials, clean design and hygge. Hygge is a Danish/Norwegian word that translates to coziness and comfort, meant to bring about feelings of wellness and contentment.

Their most recent October Box focuses on the office and includes an oversized calendar with a frame made from Danish oak; geometrical, award-winning scissors; a minimalist bird ornament; and, finally, a tray to store supplies neatly.


Keeping in mind that COVID-19 affects the respiratory system, it’s a no-brainer to improve the quality of air we breathe at home. Humidifiers improve air quality, as well as prevent dryness of the skin, nose and throat, making it a healthy addition to any living space. One option is the W7 Ultrasonic Humidifier from Objecto. The oversized, floor model humidifier is both striking and functional, acting as a piece of décor while delivering a steady mist of powerful and restoring aromatherapy. This humidifier is powerful enough to fill most rooms for extended periods of time, with the capability of humidifying up to 650 square feet for 22 hours, all while working quietly so as not to disrupt your day.


We’re taking all precautions possible when leaving the house these days and it’s important to keep surfaces and personal items clean as well as our face and hands to reduce our potential exposure. Our phones, in particular, require special attention as they collect seven times more germs than a public restroom (wow!). CASETiFY’S UV Sanitizer disinfects 99.99% of germs using UV-C light, which is emitted from six builtin, mercury-free UV lamps. The compartment is large enough to fit any smartphone and can also disinfect other small objects, such as keys or anything else that can fit into the case.

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