Free Webinar: Luxury Real Estate Outlook 2021

By Linsey Stonchus

What are the five trends that will dominate the luxury real estate business in the United States and worldwide in 2021?

A sea change in how affluent consumers are making health-driven lifestyle choices amid the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to shape the luxury real estate market and fuel growth as long as inventory holds out. Demand for exclusive residential properties will likely continue well into 2021 even as the vaccine for the coronavirus is widely available to large segments of the United States and global population.

That said, the real estate market has to be prepared for left-field surprises as affluent consumers rapidly evolve their buying, nesting and lifestyle behavior.

So what does this all mean for the key players in the luxury real estate market — from brokers and agents to developers, architects, interior designers, materials manufacturers, industry observers, banks and media? Find out in this inaugural Luxury Hour webcast from Luxury Portfolio International and emerge more informed, educated and primed for opportunity as the luxury real estate market enters a new phase. The webcast will feature Mickey ALAM KHAN, president, Luxury Portfolio International, and editor in chief, Luxury Daily.

NOTE: Attendees can request a copy of the presentation deck. We will also take questions from the audience.

Register for the FREE WEBCAST on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 10:00 AM CST.

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