Affluent buyers want homes that are smart and safe for family and planet


Luxury homebuyers have been putting more consideration into every detail of their abodes, with a few key amenities and features emerging this year as top priorities.

Luxury Portfolio International’s latest installment of the 2022 State of Luxury Real Estate report details these findings based on a survey of top high-net-worth consumers.

Overall, the affluent are after the simple things at home – safety, comfort, control and fun – and want to integrate modern technology anywhere and everywhere that it can help to amplify them.

View to kill

When it comes to the structure itself, buyers like a variety of styles, but the majority lean towards Mediterranean, Tudor and modern architecture.

Regardless of the façade, the surroundings are equally important, with 59% of luxury buyers saying they must have a beautiful view.

The preference is for that view to take in nature at its best: more than half of buyers want a home that looks out over mountains, forests or at least a park.

On the inside, the perfect home has either an eclectic, coastal, midcentury or bohemian style in a neutral white, black and grey palette. The most important space is a family room for everyone to gather together.

Togetherness reigns outside as well.

Comfortable seating and heating options are must-haves, and cabanas, fire features and entertainment areas in the yard top the list of amenities perfect for outdoor festivities.

Rendering of the 2022 Luxury Home of Today by Visual Studio
Well, well …

Back inside, 75% of luxury buyers expect that their home will have three or more features geared towards wellness – something that has become more important for everyone in the last few years.

These amenities include a home gym, yoga or Pilates studio, massage room, indoor pool or spa, and private gardens for a touch of tranquility.

Many affluent consumers are also looking to add an in-home personal chef to cook healthy meals for the whole family, and want a separate kitchen for them to do work.

In the main kitchen, 80% of buyers need built-in gadgets and smart technology along with high-end or commercial grade appliances and a dedicated wet bar area for entertaining.

A separate butler’s pantry and clean up space are also on the list to keep clutter out of everyone’s favorite room.

Technology elsewhere in the house is essential to keep the family safe.

A monitored full-home security system, built-in safe and even cyber protections are necessities for the majority of buyers.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, sustainability is on nearly every luxury homebuyer’s mind. Indeed, 90% say that sustainability is a major factor in the next home that they purchase, and 58% are willing to pay a premium for it.

Energy efficient design is the most sought-after sustainability measure. Having built-in composting capabilities, non-toxic building and design materials, and eco-friendly building materials are all of utmost importance in a luxury home.