My Story


As told by Chris McElroy, Local REALTOR® since 1976

Relationships have created My Story in life. From family and friends to clients and strangers, stories that people share have shaped my life and outlook. And in the expanded picture, these narratives have shown me how important it is to give back to individuals, to the community and the real estate profession.



Since 1973 Teresa has been my partner in life and business.  She is creative and the most organized person that I know, plus a fabulous cook! My favorite youngest daughter, Katherine, is a Mobile Presenter for Land Title in Colorado and we “talk shop” about real estate. Favorite oldest daughter, Meg (MS, PA-C, IFM) lives in Austin, TX, is a member of the Parsley Health Functional Medicine telemedicine team based in NYC/LA, and she keeps me healthy. And favorite middle daughter, Kelley (Hannover Reinsurance Company Department Manager), is my sports buddy, conveniently living in downtown Denver with her husband, Troy (Exclusive Resorts) with OUR FIRST GRANDSON. All of us are passionate about travel, food & drink, and our pet companions.


Professional Experience

When I became a REALTOR® in 1976, a friend said that the perceived life of a REALTOR® entailed golfing in the morning, selling houses in the af