Landing in real estate was a no-brainer for Realtor Marc Bullock, having grown up in a Residential and Commercial Real Estate Construction and Development family. His middle name became “problem-solver,” which means he always delivers no matter the customer or the property. Marc crafts A-plus solutions by helping clients take emotions out of real estate equations.

Clients are attracted to Marc’s energy, availability, and dedication. Don’t let that baby face fool you. Marc knows real estate. He’s licensed in multiple states. He speaks multiple languages. And he holds an MBA a BBA and a BA. You might call him a double threat with both strategy and finance in his educational and professional wheelhouses.

Picture it. Closing day. All that was left was the final walkthrough. The home had been vacant and a bird had taken up residence in a coach light. When the coach light was switched on, the nest inside flamed up. Emergency? Not a c