Known for his professionalism and honesty, Joseph Corda is a go-getter who is unyielding in his dedication to getting absolutely the best results for his clients. He is keen on preparation, persistence and keeping a cool head under pressure so that he can guide his clients through their transactions, meet tight deadlines and close deals. Integrity has always been the core of all he does. Joseph says, Clients put trust in us to ensure things move as seamlessly as possible for them and we need to take this responsibility seriously. Joseph has a unique ability to put people at ease, making what can often feel like a stressful never-ending process feel less so. Joseph believes that open communication and willingness to learn from each other are the keys to ensuring that the right fit is made with those we serve. He works in a partnership with his clients and is more interested in building a relationship with them rather than just closing a deal; which is why he is the one who will serve as an expert advisor and consultant to you and those near and dear to you both now and at all other times in your life. Before entering real estate, Joseph lived in the Peoples Republic of China, where he first studied Chinese and anthropology, and later developed and managed cross-cultural education initiatives focused on both high school students and education professionals from the U.S. and China and worked with private and government institutions for funding of these programs. He approaches his obligations to his clients in real estate with the same thoroughness and dedication that he applied when working across cultures to develop and manage various international programs and has known early on that paying attention to the smallest details, especially in real estate, can often make a major difference in bringing a deal to a successful conclusion. A Native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, he received a B.A. in Anthropology, with a concentration in Chinese language & history, f