Jeffrey Smith has been in the real estate business since 1985. With over thirty six years of real estate experience, he is a real estate veteran known as one of New York Citys top brokers. Jeffrey utilizes his years in the profession and wealth of industry knowledge to advise clients on making wise decisions in their real estate purchases, sales and investments. Having done hundreds of transactions over the years, he strives to provide a streamlined service by executing well-planned strategies, consistently resulting in an unsurpassed level of client satisfaction that can only be achieved by someone with his level of expertise and professional experience. Having lived in Manhattan since graduating from Berklee, he has witnessed all types of markets and there are no neighborhoods he isnt familiar with. He has also owned a home in the Hamptons for the past 30 years and is a dual agent capable of serving his clients in both Manhattan and out east. Having an extensive background in construction, he has done several major renovations himself and is able to pass along his knowledge in helping his clients in calculating costs whenever renovation work is involved.