Selecting the right real estate professional to represent your interests is critical to your success. The purchase or sale of a home is likely one of the largest financial transactions in which you are involved; shouldnt you team with the best practitioners? Debra Weiner recognizes that each client is unique and delivers unsurpassed client service. Partnering with Debra guarantees professionalism, diligence, competence and enthusiasm to meet your specific goals. She takes the time to understand your individual objectives and really partners with you to achieve success. She can help you to assemble a team of exceptional real estate practitioners (lenders, attorneys, contractors, etc) on whom you can rely throughout the transaction. Her background in consulting, accounting and training is constantly being leveraged to your benefit. You can count on Debra every step of the way. Debra was born and raised on nearby Long Island. After University, she relocated to Manhattan and other than a four year stint in London, she has been here in Manhattan ever since. In Debras spare time, you will find her exploring anywhere, walking, hiking, biking, playing tennis and golf and listening to live music. To understand Debra and her passion for excellence in all efforts, it is important to listen directly to her clients: Her strengths include deep knowledge of the New York City market, a well honed financial acuity, deeply rooted connections to related professionals, an ease in seeking their professional input when needed and an understanding of how to market a home. Notable was her genuine responsiveness to changes in my thinking and circumstances and to the unusual gyrations of the real estate market of these past several months. As a person she is bright, kind and has a healthy sense of humor. Most importantly for this client, she is persistent and collaborative as a listener. I truly had a partner in my efforts to find a new home. A key question you might ask is if I w