Elena Peters is a unique and delightful young woman who is a pleasure to meet. She was born in Albania,12 miles from the border of Greece. Consequently, she is fluent in three languages; Greek and Albanian in addition to her command of the English language. After graduation with a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and having taught high school, she met and married her husband Mark and embarked on a new life with their move to the United States. San Francisco was her first American home place. A job transfer brought them to our beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC. Upon arriving here in 1995, Elena truly felt at home. She says the topography of the land and the beautiful mountains in Western North Carolina are very much like in her original homeland. Additionally, she finds joy in the melting pot atmosphere that Asheville has become and has great appreciation for the diversity that we enjoy. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking with her golden retriver and gardening. With the love of the land, her heart lead her into Real Estate. 20 years of experience in the industry and Elena's diverse background add extra flavor to the clients she works with because of the different perception she has to offer those thinking of a move to our area. She is small but mighty in her dedication to service and integrity throughout each transaction!