Introducing Andrea Brownrigg

With over thirty-five years focused on the real estate market on Paradise Island has positioned Andrea as a leading authority in this exclusive market which has not only been her business niche, but her home since the mid 80’s. At last count, she had closed in excess of 265 real estate sales transactions and easily quadrupled that in rental leases, on Paradise Island alone...and all were within a mile of her home! She smiles saying, “I know my neighbourhood!”

Her introduction to Paradise Island real estate and development from the young age of 22, coupled with her leadership skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to open Paradise Sales & Rentals, the first and only real estate company on Paradise Island, in 1992.

After 18 years behind the helm and an extensive knowledge base within that niche market, Andrea decided to broaden her scope by merging her firm with Bahamas Realty in 2010, joining her husband and partners as a director and real estate broker.

Andrea was one of the first in the Bahamas to qualify for the prestigious Certified Residential Specialist designation and has served multiple terms on the board of the Bahamas Real Estate Association.

The Bahamas, with its 700 islands and cays offers something special for everyone looking for an island home to curate lifetime memories. Having visited most of the islands and owning beachfront properties on several, she’s eager to share the magic. She takes a genuine interest in her client’s goals dedicating time to researching the market for the perfect fit. Client relationships become friendships that continue long after the keys are exchanged. “My clients become friends enriching my passion to serve”, says Andrea.