Dan Gunther

Allen Tate

Mobile: 919 497-2201


With a client-first approach, Dan handles your real estate endeavors with the same care and consideration he would use if it were the purchase or sale of his own home. For Danreal estate is a passion, a lifestyle, an investment, and ultimately a reward for your hard work. He believes that your home reflects your personal goals and that it's a safe haven whereyour family canrelax and just enjoy being together.Dan hasan extensive background in Sales & Marketing not only in Real Estate, but also from many years of Sales Management & Marketing in a Retail setting. In fact, his entire work life revolved around Sales which makes him uniquely qualified to handle tough negotiations & problem solving. Dan listens to his clients intently with a desire to make sure that he not only meets, but surpasses their expectations during a time thatcan often bevery difficult and stressfulfor people that arebuying and/or selling their home. His inclination is to take away as much of those stressors as possi