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It's high time we pay homage to the fruit of the vine. From exciting "winecations" to cool new apps, there's a lot going on in the world of wine these days. Frankly, it's more than a drink — it's a lifestyle, so we're sharing a few of our favorite products and services that vino lovers of all levels can enjoy.

On the cutting edge of viticulture is Delectable, the wine enthusiast's app that gives you the full scoop on a bottle by simply snapping a picture of it. Instantly get the average price, read reviews and share what you've been drinking with a community of like-minded wine lovers. Additionally, Delectable allows you to follow established sommeliers to see what they're drinking, as well as order bottles right to your door.

The wine connoisseur's dilemma has long been whether or not to uncork a bottle when you only want a glass (or two). That problem is no more with the Coravin 1000 System, allowing you to indulge in a bottle without ever popping the cork. The state-of-the-art system uses a hollow needle that passes through the cork to pressurize the bottle and extract the wine, thin enough that the cork can naturally reseal itself once the needle's removed to prevent oxidation from occurring.

The "winecation" is a hot trend in luxury travel right now, but if you're looking for something a little different than Provence or Tuscany, try a Heli-Wine Tour over Chile's Casablanca and San Antonio Valleys (don't worry, the pilots won't be partaking). After a tasting at the renowned Loma Larga Vineyards, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the region on a private heli-tour before landing at the luxurious ViƱa Matetic winery and resort.

Perfecting the balance between form and function, the WineHive is a sleek way to display anywhere from 6 to 120 bottles. Its modular design is reminiscent of a honeycomb (hence the name) and is constructed out of 100% recyclable aluminum with a satin anodize finish, bringing a touch of sophisticated organic style to your kitchen, dining room, bar or wine cellar.

If you're looking to expand your personal collection, or maybe auction off a bottle of your own, Vinfolio is an online marketplace that should be on every serious collector's radar. In addition to an impressive selection of rare bottles, they meet the oenophiles every need with a full-service wine storage facility and an online management system to keep track of what's in your cellar, as well as going rates on the auction block.

What's a picnic without a glass of wine? Tiffany's Central Park Wine Carrier is an elegant way to carry the essentials for a posh trip to the park and the perfect housewarming gift for any grape nut. Crafted from Italian wicker and smooth leather with palladium-plated solid brass hardware, the carrier includes two stemless Riedel wine glasses, a Tiffany & Co. sterling silver corkscrew and two striped canvas cocktail napkins, with a compartment for your favorite bottle, of course.

Winner of the prestigious Sommelier of the Year Award from the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, Enrico Bernardo offers a variety of wine consulting services, from food pairings for your dinner party to guided tastings for special events. Bernardo and his team can also assist in the design of your private wine cellar or organize a tasting trip around the world that will please the most discerning aficionado.

Now that you have the latest on all things wine, it's time to get down to the best part and treat yourself to a little vino!