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  • Starting out as a small town on the banks of the Arkansas River at the turn of the 20th century, Tulsa’s population boom began in 1905 with the discovery of ample oil reserves. The burgeoning city saw an influx of entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the breakthrough, and Tulsa became known as the “Oil Capital of the World.” Tulsa was further woven into the fabric of Americana when the U.S. Highway Route 66 Association was established in the city, making it a crucial player in the development of the iconic stretch of road and also became a popular stop for visitors with landmarks including the Meadow Gold Sign and Blue Whale of Catoosa. Along with major development in early 1900s came several buildings showcasing an art deco style – one of the highest concentrations of the style in the country. Several years later, more building booms brought contemporary styles including the second tallest building in the state of Oklahoma and surrounding plains states – The BOK Tower. The eclectic mix of styles is also apparent in Tulsa luxury homes. Properties in the city and surrounding area range from majestic French Provincial mansions to southern style plantation homes, stately Mediterranean beauties, clean contemporaries and sprawling ranches with plenty of room to roam.