Memorable Murals: A Creative Way to Liven Up Your Home

Ardley House, Portland, OR

Breaking the mold with unique and exciting features is an excellent way to make your home stand out from the rest. Something as simple as a hand-painted mural provides a memorable detail and can liven up a home with a touch of creativity. We love to recognize homes that aren’t afraid to be different so today we’ve come up with a few abodes that sport imaginative paint jobs. Wine Cellar in the Ardley House, Portland, OR

This first home is a truly one-of-kind estate in Portland, OR. Upon arrival one is greeted by a timeless stone and ivy façade before entering the foyer with an intricate mural depicting a pastoral scene of flora and fauna. Rich in color and detail, the home establishes its originality the moment you walk in. Unique artistic accents adorn the walls throughout, including a bustling maritime scene painted in the wine cellar. The Ardley House, as it’s known, blends the character and comfort of Irish country living with the style and vitality of the Pacific Northwest.

Dining Room Mural of St. Augustine, FL
Next up is a stately residence in St. Augustine, FL with both traditional quality and rare characteristics. The glassed-in sun parlor is the perfect year round place to enjoy your morning coffee gazing out over the lush greenery with flowering plants and a koi pond. But it’s the dining room that really stands out in this home, with a magnificent hand-painted mural of St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city, circa 1565. Elaborate and colorful, the larger-than-life painting invigorates the room with an abundance of energy. French Provincial Estate in Mettawa, IL

Our last home is a striking French provincial estate in Mettawa, IL. Situated on over four pristine acres, the residence enjoys a variety of custom features, such as a porte cochère, Smart House technology and a vibrant mural of a scenic coastline. A rocky pier is illustrated along the walls with a vast blue sky stretching up to the ceiling. Additionally, one of the bedrooms has a similar portrayal of a blue sky with puffy clouds adorning the ceiling, creating a calm and tranquil feeling.

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