Affluent Households Going Mobile

Luxury Portfolio iPad AppLet’s face it, if you’re not connected to a smartphone or tablet chances are you’re a little behind on the latest news. If you’re like us you rely on your mobile device to keep you in the loop for everything from business to social media. Suffice it to say, we’d be lost without them. That’s why we weren’t all that surprised by the American Affluence Research Center’s most recent study, which found a growing dependence on mobile technology and social media among the country’s wealthiest households.

At the airport, in a waiting room, or just simply away from your desk, there’s no question that our mobile devices keep us plugged-in and immensely improve our day-to-day lives. So much so that the AARC reports approximately 80% of the affluent have at least one smartphone or tablet, with affluence being defined as the top 10% of US households, based on net worth. Furthermore, more than half of those surveyed report owning two or more mobile devices. Not surprisingly, Apple makes the products of choice for the affluent, as the study found both the iPhone and iPad trump all of their competitors combined.

So what are they all doing on their mobile devices? According to the AARC 72% participate in social media, the most popular platforms being Facebook and LinkedIn. Once thought of as a playful pastime for college kids, there’s no questioning that social media has proven an invaluable way to communicate and stay current on global events in real time.

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