RIS Media Recognizes LeadingRE

RIS Media Real Estate Magazine Cover Story on Luxury Portfolio

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, aka LeadingRE, was recently featured in a cover story in RIS Media’s leading industry publication Real Estate Magazine, lauding the strength of our parent company’s brand. The recognition does not go unappreciated as it has been a long journey, pioneering a business model that many believed could not succeed.

Centered on a “for brokerages, by brokerages” mentality, LeadingRE has attracted the top independent real estate companies from over 35 countries (and growing, in fact now closer to 40) around the world. RIS Media notes consumers’ increasing preference for independent, local brokerages over corporate-backed franchises has played a significant role in our company’s development.

Luxury Portfolio has greatly benefitted from the established and respected reputation of LeadingRE. Uniquely situated to market high-end property, we are proud of our ability to bring the world’s best independent brokerages together and provide unsurpassed international exposure that was once only afforded to franchised companies.

To see the whole article, including the cover featuring our CEO Pam O’Connor and COO of LeadingRE and President of Luxury Portfolio Paul Boomsma, click here.

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