Lake Norman Luxury Property

Lake Norman is well known for its excellent bass fishing and picturesque views, but if you are looking for a great piece of luxury property, this location has a lot to offer you. This man-made lake was created in the 1960s and it quickly attracted the attention of people who wanted to break away from the urban Charlotte setting, but didn’t want to go too far. Lake Norman is only 15 minutes from uptown Charlotte but thanks to great city planning, it feels like a totally different world.

Cornelius is one of the main towns connected to Lake Norman. This upper class town boasts tons of architecturally beautiful properties, including several lake front homes. The view from the waterfront of this property is breathtaking. Although a relatively new home, this building has a distinct majestic air around it, as if it were built for royalty. This is something that is hard to duplicate.

Water sports are a great way to relax during the summer months. Lake Norman is, of course, renowned for fishing, but there are many other water activities to take part in. Motor boating, small boat sailing, or just relaxing on an inner tube and letting the waves carry you around are all fantastic ways to kick back and live the luxurious life that you deserve.

Or maybe you are more of a do-it-yourselfer. Thanks to this area only starting to boom recently, there is still a lot of undeveloped property on which you can construct the true house of your dreams. For both nature and architectural enthusiasts, the undeveloped portions of Lake Norman are one of a kind. That’s one of the great things about this area; it contains the perfect mesh of nature and civilization. If you are looking for a second home, or a more rustic place to live, Lake Norman is a great place to start your search.

Besides great fishing, the nearby towns also have upscale shopping, several golf courses, and even live NASCAR racing. If you are looking for fun in the North Carolina sun, Lake Norman has much to offer you. Visit a few of these homes today; you will not be disappointed in what you see.

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Daniel Moskowitz's Gravatar We see quite a few folks from your neck of the woods down here in and around Hilton Head Island, SC. as we're only about 4.5 hours apart on a good driving day...I've heard your area is beautiful and will need to make a point to get out there and take a look next time I'm in Charlotte.
# Posted By Daniel Moskowitz | 1/22/13 7:29 PM
Ben Fisher's Gravatar That's a beautiful area! Didn't know much about it but it looks like I'll have to visit sometime.
# Posted By Ben Fisher | 2/1/13 4:51 PM
Navi Mumbai Property's Gravatar This place very beautiful. Thank you sharing such nice information..
# Posted By Navi Mumbai Property | 2/15/13 12:29 AM
Michelle Hoffman's Gravatar A fantastic place to live in. I'm sure that cost a fortune. Maybe someday I can go to that place and spend some time there with my family..
# Posted By Michelle Hoffman | 3/20/13 4:08 AM