Give a Charitable Gift of Luxury

Luxury Auctions

The most recent LuxeTrends newsletter highlights some gift ideas for this holiday season with the theme of “all that glitters” – from crystal-infused nail polish and gear shifters to gold and jewel adorned greeting cards.

Sometimes though, the best way to give is by giving back. We stumbled across these unique auctions from CharityFolks that allow you to gift luxury experiences while also benefitting charities such as the American Red Cross and The Creative Coalition, among others. Experiences are always being updated and range from set visits of popular TV shows to ultimate sports weekends. Current auctions include an incredible package to attend the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, or for the more politically inclined there is an opportunity to bid on two tickets to the exclusive Celebrity Dinner on the eve of the Presidential Inauguration.

Check out all of the opportunities here.

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