Luxury Safes Are More Popular Than Ever

We live in a time when our possessions must be kept under safe protection. This is especially true when discussing those possessions we regard as treasures. Our most valuable belongings are dear to our heart, and, so, we seek their safeguard. Brown Safes, headquartered in Vista, California, specializes in luxury safes, and according to their vice president, Lynel Brown Berryhill, the business of luxury safes is a very successful one right now. People all over the world have taken an interest in personal safes and deposit boxes, especially since many banks internationally have experience deposit box shortages. Having the security that luxury safes like Brown Safes offers is very appealing.

In a Luxury Society article, Lynel is interviewed about Brown Safes. She claims that while a high level of safety is their customers’ main concern, many rave about the organization and convenience that Brown’s safes offer as well. They offer a variety of designs and sizes, but they also tailor make custom safes to best fit whatever needs their clients might have.

The article also goes on to discuss in detail one of Brown’s newest safes, the Chronos series, which is a line of watch safes. These safes are the most impenetrable of their kind. The safe weighs over 1,700 pounds and features a panic button, biometric fingerprint entry, and glass plate re-lockers -- among other things. Brown Safes offers many different types of safes, though, including a line designed specifically for men and a line for different jewelry needs.

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