Luxury Hotels Cater to Techy Travelers

iPad Hotel Control

Nowadays technology rules all. Hardly anyone goes anywhere without some sort of smartphone, tablet, or iPad. These devices make our lives easier. They provide entertainment, educational information, connections to work, family, and friends, and much more. In many ways, smart mobile devices make our lives more luxurious. Having anything you need at the tips of your fingers is a luxury not all can afford. When travelling, however, these technologies are a bit more difficult to manage. Bringing your high-tech tools overseas, on the road, or through airport security can be a hassle. Luckily NBC News’ Travel Kit blog has recently comprised a list of hotels around the world that provide gadget hookups so that you can keep any trip or vacation luxurious.

The hotels range from those that will lend complimentary iPads and Kindles to hotels with rooms that are controlled by iPad. For instance, the Eccleston Square Hotel in London allows you to control the curtains, heating, lighting, and in-room services, like booking a table at a nearby nightclub, all by iPad. To read the Travel Kit’s full list of luxurious, tech-savvy hotels, click here.

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Deer Valley Real Estate's Gravatar What a nice treat! We have come a long way in the past decade.
# Posted By Deer Valley Real Estate | 12/4/12 2:22 PM