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Real Estate Innovations: The Ecocapsule

Powered exclusively by solar and wind energy, the Ecocapsule is an option for those looking to live off the grid and still enjoy every day amenities like running water and electricity. The device is perfect for camping or a quick getaway from the city.

Living off the grid doesn’t have to mean living in a small tent in a remote area. There are several options available to make your secluded adventure a comfortable experience. The Ecocapsule is a new spherical housing unit that provides all the comforts of home no matter where you are in the world. The space is fit for up to two people and offers necessities like a toilet, shower, kitchenette and a folding bed in a small compact space. The device also has smart home capabilites with features like heated floors to make your stay comfortable in even the most secluded spaces.

This egg-shaped housing unit is easily transported and also ecofriendly. The device’s unique shape is optimized to collect rainwater and push it through a built-in filtration system to make it suitable to drink. The Ecocapsule also minimizes heat loss within the unit and creates a self-sustaining energy production system that produces energy which can be used to power the space for days at a time.