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Agents Who Give Back: Sally Dunbar

As a breast cancer survivor, Sally Dunbar of Lyon Real Estate has a personal connection to those suffering from the disease. Dunbar and her team, Hands Up for Hooters, have participated in the Susan G. Komen annual 3-Day event since 2015 and have raised a total of $377,000 for the Susan G. Komen organization.

Dunbar developed the idea of forming a group in 2015. She wanted to raise more money than required for the cause and decided that forming a team would be the best solution to help her reach her goal. This led her to form Hands Up for Hooters, which is now the 2nd largest team in the U.S. for both walking and fundraising for the Susan G. Komen event.

In March of 2017, Dunbar was recognized for her fundraising efforts by her firm, Lyon Real Estate. She received the first ever Lyon Cares Award for Leadership and Philanthropy. Dunbar and her team plan to continue to support the Susan G. Komen organization for many years to come. “With Komen being the largest contributor to breast cancer issues in the world next to the US government, they are the best place to direct my efforts” says Dunbar. “Every big breakthrough in breast cancer research has been helped by a Komen grant. When the cure comes, Komen will have been a contributor and so will Hands Up for Hooters.”